A new swirl of the glass

Andini wine glasses are made unique in every way – with limited production and outstanding design, each piece is handmade to perfection. Every glass was made with attention to details, crafted to get the full potential out of every wine. 

Our wine glasses are setting standards in wine glass industry, being made of lead-free crystal, they are ultra thin but extremely durable. Andini glass designers and engineers worked together with some of the leading sommeliers to make a glass that would match different wine grape varieties; Each curve design was carefully thought to give maximum enjoyment and true tasting experience. 

“Illuminate all of your senses with a new swirl of the glass.”


Lead-free crystal

Andini glasses do not contain lead or any other pollutants or toxins. They are 100% safe for your health.


All our glasses are handmade by our top skilled craftsman. Each glass is made to brilliance and perfection. 

Dishwasher safe

The products are proven to be dishwasher safe guaranteeing to keep the clarity of each glass.

Perfectly balanced

Design of the glass is carefully engineered for all your senses. The weight of the glass and the balance in hand gives you perfect drinking experience.